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Jess Hislop Stylist

Jess Hislop is a Melbourne-based interior stylist known for her work at some of Australia's top architecture and furniture firms.

With a passion for creating spaces that stand the test of time, Jess's approach is characterised by a commitment to curating unique pieces that tell a lasting story. 

Rather than chasing trends, she selects pieces that possess timeless qualities, creating spaces that are visually stunning and deeply meaningful. Her curated interiors serve as chapters in the narrative of each space, reflecting the personalities and lifestyles of its inhabitants.

What sets Jess apart is her discerning approach to projects. She selectively chooses opportunities that align with her vision, ensuring each project receives her full creative dedication.

This commitment has established her as a sought-after stylist, with a signature aesthetic that resonates with a discerning clientele. In the competitive world of interior styling, Jess Hislop's influence continues to grow. With her eye for the unique, dedication to timeless design, and selective project approach.


Jess is leaving a lasting imprint on the spaces she transforms, shaping the narrative of Melbourne's design scene.

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